Advertising for Independent Escorts or Escorts Agency?

Now that you know you want to be an escort, you need to figure out how to keep your phone ringing. You can be the sexiest escort alive, but if your phone isn’t ringing then you’re not making any money. And if you’re escorting but you’re not making any money, then you’re not doing it right! So let’s get into some of the different ways you can ensure your phone rings constantly and the times you’re available you’re booked solid and not sitting around waiting for someone to book you.

If you work as an independent escort, this responsibility falls on you. If you’re phone isn’t ringing you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. If you work for an escort agency then it may not be entirely you, but like any work environment it’s a collaboration between you and the agency and you need to do your part.

Just want to make one thing absolutely clear about keeping your phone ringing as an escort, it has nothing to do with your looks! It may be easier for a blonde hair, blue eye, slim, busty, escort to keep her phone ringing, but if you’re a BBW, if you have small breasts, or no matter your ethnicity, whatever you bring to the table it is possible to keep your phone ringing and making money regardless.

I have seen many escorts who are the definition of beauty, and sure they get some calls, but most of the guys are “time wasters” and never end up booking. I’ve also seen some BBW women who weren’t sure if they could make any money at all escorting, and they end up making 5-10k a month, they have cars gifted to them, jewelry, clothes, vacations, everything. So don’t make excuses for yourself, EVERY ONE can make a lot of money escorting.

Advertising is key if you’re an independent escort this is something you need to take care of yourself. If you work for an agency they will take care of this for you but you can still take your own initiative and do some extra promotion for yourself.

There are literally 1000’s of sites you can advertise online, the local phone books, news papers, local community magazines, the list is endless of websites but the truth is that most of them are a waste of time and your precious resources.

I am going to break down the best place to advertise in terms of ROI (return on investment).

If an ad placement costs £100/month to advertise, and you charge £130 an hour and you get 3 clients a month from, that’s a 800% ROI for you. Those are the kinds of sites where you need to look into upgrading your ad to a featured ad to get more exposure.

However if you advertise on FindAdult spending only £24.99 a month and only see two clients, that’s a £260. So in £24.99 you advert will be highlighted with a featured tag element to ensure it stands out as well as urgent will appear on top of other free ads for 30 days and will be marked as “Urgent” on top of your ads. This makes your ad stand out on the page and will help you gain some trust among others.

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